Health Guarantee

Gibson’s Labs Health Guarantee
The purchased puppy will have a 1 year guarantee from date of birth against any disorder found to be genetic, that causes the death or severe debilitation of puppy. There must be a vets written opinion at the buyers expense. Gibson’s Labs will not be responsible for vet expense of puppy incurred while in possession of the new owner. The puppy must be returned at the buyers expense. The sellers vet will also inspect the puppy to determine that there is indeed a life threatening or severely debilitating health issue. At the sellers discretion, the puppy will be replaced as soon as a litter becomes available or cost of puppy refunded to buyer minus deposit. The puppy will have been vet checked, wormed, and vaccinated according to age at the time of purchase. It is up to the new owner to continue wormer and vaccine on schedule, and to protect the puppy from public or contaminated grounds, until vaccination is complete. This contract does not cover accidents or neglect that leads to life threatening or debilitating disorders. It is up to the new owner to provide quality food, adequate shelter, protection from heat and cold, and vet care. To fail to take proper care of your puppy will void this contract. The puppy must be taken to vet within 72 hours of delivery to insure that you get started out right with your new puppy. Failure to do so will void this contract. You must have this visit on record. Conditions brought on by stress of shipping, delivery, the stress of being placed in a new home, or environmental conditions, such as kennel cough, coccidia, allergies and demodectic mange are not covered in this contract. These conditions should be monitored by your vet and treated accordingly. Do not neglect any type of coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, or unusual behavior in your small puppy as they can decline quickly.